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Here is how we help

G5 Cyber Security is a consulting company of intelligent and experienced professionals. G5 helps its clients to understand and leverage the power of Cyber Security to achieve their business goals.

Broad and deep perspectives

G5 provides clients with a comprehensive 360 view of Cyber Security operations, gaps, and realistic ways to improve.

Functional reports

Clients receive reports they can use at different levels, which helps everyone to stay aligned and focused, and productive.

A strong support system

G5 provides our clients with access to a network of resources and people, which cuts the time between identifying issues and resolving them.


Here's the process

We focus and put in the work


Clients discuss their goals, concern areas, and G5 designs a custom assessment and approach that fits.


Clients' assets are identified with stakeholders resulting in an aligned scope of Technology, People, and Processes.


In-scope assets are analysed to create a preliminary view of security risk throughout our clients' operations.


Preliminary risks are analysed to give true context to our clients on areas of weaknesses and strengths.


G5 provides clients with readable, uncluttered reports, tailored to their needs and internal audiences.


Clients receive support to continuously improve with each cycle of valuable operational insight.

Let's get started

Our 3-step process

Request a meeting

Select a date from our online calendar, and we'll set up a conference call.

Service Design

A customised assessment plan is designed for the success of the business.

Service Delivery

The client receives a useful report which gives them the insight they need.


Request a meeting

Enjoy a no-hassle discussion to support your goals.

No hassle reporting

Concise, flexible, and transparent.

Phase 1


G5 meets with your team.

G5 maps your business goals.

G5 provides a proposal.



G5 executes the assessment.

G5 identifies security risks.

G5 provides a functional report.

We discuss the findings.

Phase 3


G5 guides implementation.

G5 verifies implementation

G5 periodically re-assesses

What is a Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment?

A Security Vulnerability Assessment is focused on assessing the technical (low-level/detailed) security aspects of technology, people and processes across a business's operations. It should be performed after completing a Cyber Security Risk Assessment because A risk assessment provides an overview of troubled areas and a vulnerability assessment digs deeper into those areas.

What is a Cyber Security Risk Assessment?

A Cyber Security Risk Assessment is focused on assessing the management-level(high-level/non-technical) security aspects of technology, people and processes across an enterprise's operations. This assessment should be performed before a Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment because its findings help to prioritise subsequent low-level (detailed/technical) vulnerability assessments.

How long is an assessment?

The time frame varies based on the size, complexity of each client's enterprise operations, and the speed at which they can provide supporting documentation and access where required. 1-2 weeks is typically a reasonable period for a small to medium-sized enterprise and 3-6 weeks for a large enterprise.

What is the output of an assessment?

Primarily, G5 Cyber Security provides the client with a risk-focused report, useful to both management level and technical personnel. With this report, the client can begin to prioritise which risks they would like to address and how. The report will contain information on what was discovered during the assessment, how the discovery could negatively affect the client's operations, and how the client can realistically resolve or minimise any potential negative impact.


Security more accessible

G5 Cyber Security helps to improve stakeholder value.